idolThey came to the place slowly; climbing up the three thousand feet of heather, rock and scree. As they raised their heads, a beam of light shone at them through the clouds.

“A miracle,” said Hangus. “The gods are with us.”

They trudged on. The clouds closed and mist enveloped them as they gained the artic plateau. The cold went right through them before they could close the skins around them and for a second they froze. Again they moved on; all now covered in ice and snow. They found the cave and hesitated before entering.

Inside a warm glow met them in joyous relief. A god like voice surrounded them as they knelt in awe.

“Welcome all. Here you will find your destiny. There are many layers to my domain.”

They looked up and saw before them an altar. On the altar was a leather bound book with a gold inscription; GOSPEL.

“What is this GOSPEL Master,” said Hangus.

“It shows the path you must take to win,” said the voice.

“What does to mean Master?”

“Go On Sucker Play Eternal Lotto.”


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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