Meeting with God

“You say you’re an atheist and you have met God!” Jamie says flabbergasted. “You can’t be serious. You don’t seem that pissed or is it you have not had enough yet?”

“Listen to me,” says Lulu leaning back on the bar stool. “I went to a meeting and met with God. And, there is no God. Believe it.”

“What the hell you speaking about? You’re a psycho,” says Jamie.

“Look! This morning I got up and went down for breakfast and God was there. She followed me to the car and into town. She followed me into the building and up the escalator and into my top floor office for my weekly review. She even followed me into the wash room! I was getting pig sick of it so I turned round and faced her in the mirror took out my gun and shot her. It made a hell of a mess. The glass went everywhere. I cleared up the remains and flushed her away.

“So you see I met God and I know she no longer exists. Check my gun,” says Lulu reaching into her handbag and producing her piece.

Jamie looks into the barrel and sees that a single round is missing. He returns the gun to Lulu and asks, “And what are the other rounds for?”

“Anyone else that messes with me. Get it!”pms


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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