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I rest my hat

 Where they hang clothes on a line Across a narrow alleyway The sun is red and yellow In an apocalyptic haze It’s not the end of the world; One foot in front of the other As the wind is rising … Continue reading

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The plot thickens

Why do they deserve to know? The schemes and plots they play Murder most foul is so dark In widow’s weeds, there to lay In ropes and ribbons in a noose With knives and bombs not shown If you ask … Continue reading

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The race

Running, running in a race Faster, faster feels the pace Cut through the water Over the blocked path Breathless push now up the hill Only a few miles to go Nearer then against the foe Positioning at the top men … Continue reading

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Fair Enough

There were three and three till the sky came down Keeping it all up where could Trying always to protest the brood Till in the end they saw the exposure No one left to make the closure Learning as you … Continue reading

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