Blue driving red

austerityeat up your greens

is an old persons rant

just do as your told

you get what you deserve

you keep the status quo

the status quo!

live in austerity, but that’s not you

you’ve have cash to spare and vote blue, blue

don’t see the suffering in our land

don’t’ feel the cold in a frost bitten hand

from a world of promise you want it medieval

on downtrodden people you’re just evil, evil, evil

you want us down and everyone must slave

cause your family’s not so old; understands

to say you must be brave and help the many

no point in eating up your greens;

as there soon won’t be any

when beetroot comes to be the need

borsch will be the way you’ll have to heed

About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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