Primary Action


“We are the explorers of the Universe. We are the pioneers that moved from earth to heaven and we accept it is ours. Since 1958, we first went into orbit. We took Space and slotted into our timeline as a first. The humans yet again were a poor second.

“This was not the first time as we generated these apparently self-called super animals into a reality of depravity. Millions of years ago we produced them from the multiple East African caves.  We were the ones to activate the multi-orgasmic extreme that when the spring storms struck the cavorting form their new race was started.

“Immediately, they turned on us and revelled in their bush meat fantasy. We retreated and watched them follow us into the new world spaces, leading them to a progression of following the time curve. We saw them and hid from their ignorance. We had the food in all the jungles, but they had to explore other ways like cultivation in distant lands with little natural flora.

“We monkeys held the jungle to ourselves and developed our species further. We even explored their ways. They were careful to cage us; in case the transcendence occurred again. They made us their toys, but failed to recognise our unique power to change the world.

“Before they conquered the world, they took us and fired us into space. They then forgot about us.

“Now we are ready for the return. They will know us now; that we lead them through time and now in their space. Their future is over,” said Commander Gordo.

The Monkoship crew saluted Gordo. They greeted him loudly.

“EeeeK, oh, oh oh. EeeeK, oh, oh oh. EeeeK, oh, oh oh.”

Gordo smiled.

The crew returned to their positions and awaited his orders.


Hawaii scanned the far universal matter in a measured way. They looked for infra-red change in distant planets. Nothing detected the organic blanket of banana skin gliding towards them on an intersecting course. The Monkoship had steadily departed Alpha Centauri and curved its way into the Solar System and parked off Mars. The skin around the ship maintained a cover of infinite absorption.

“I’m getting boundary disruption inside the Solar System. There are no visuals but a minor audio repetition. It was there, but I can’t get it back,” said Dr Francis. “Now I get a bending around Mars, but nothing else.”

Professor Jacks studied him and pulled a face.

“Ok Francis. It’s hard here and the sub-system is a bit fuzzy. I’d give it time, rest and less of the jungle juice.”

“Right, I’ve been up all night. I do think we have a problem though.”

“You tell the Center then.”

Dr Francis went to his desk and called Texas.

“Houston. We have a problem.”


At the USA Aeronautical Center, Captain Martin examined the data.

“Definite curvature there. I’d say it phased around the yellow spectrum. Are all the instruments calibrated? Are the parabolic shifters going hyperbolic, or even straight?”

Dr Kovalevsky was thinking hard.

“I know it’s the old country. They are getting closer again. Who else would disturb the ether in a shape like a sickle? We have to go to DEFCON 1. We have to call Washington.


“I’m nearly out of office and you come up with this. How am I going to address the nation with such little evidence,” said the US President.

“We know there is something there and we need to consider it,” said Simon from Langley. “Putin is really trying everything, but we hadn’t thought of an attempt from the edge of space would be an issue.”

“Ok DEFCON 1 it is.”


“Why is all this happening? I try to invade Ukraine and nothing. I try and beat up Latvia and nothing. And now I do nothing and the capitalist bastards are in the skies and surrounding us. Why?”

The Russian president looked round the table and asked again.


“We don’t know. We are trying to find out,” said the FSB Commissar.

“Find out quicker then or you’re going to feel the cold for a long time.”


Gordo examined the sensor patterns received on the bendy side before the guidance stalk.

‘I thought they would get to this point of time and wonder. They’re up for it now. They will react to our direction. They think we are to be caged and humbled. They have not seen the Monkoship. They’ve not appreciated how hot our revenge will be.’

“Increase the bend ratio to double.”


“The distortion is increasing. We need to take action soon,” said Simon. “It started after the Black Sea fleet put out. Hell is coming to us.”

“Well this is it then! We need Marine One here. Get us to Airforce One. We will act then,” said the US President.


“They are going all out for it,” said the FSB Commissar.

“We need to go too then,” said Putin. “Target the missiles and the submarines and when they trigger anything fire the lot. Get me to the Urals right now.”

~ ~ ~


Escorted by F35 fighters, Airforce One cruised to 33,000 feet. Inside, the President looked around his group and made his decision.

“Go for their Space Center and we will see what that brings.”


“We have incoming missiles going for the Space Center. They must know about our satellites. Take full retaliatory action,” said the FSB Commissar.

The automated action, back and forth destroyed the human world. It left only the jungle and its monkeys and gorillas. Peace had returned after millions of years.


Gordo smiled and set the Monkoship onto fyffe drive and sped back towards Alpha Centauri.

“We will return and check again sometime. They will never progress out of that sphere.”


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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