Father John


It’s you again Liam.

How are you going to die?

You have been coming here every week for your whole life and we must have been through it together over that time.

I have told you all about the heaven we believers go to. The transition in taking in the holy grace, the absolving and all the other stuff.

Life ends up in a happy place.


You ask, why does God take you all the way through a happy life then shits on you at the end?

She must have other options.

Why is it not a bit nicer for all the nice wee ladies and their following men?


Life isn’t as fair as we would like and we have to suffer for our sins.

Here they are making the cardinal mistake.

They sit here for decades and do absolutely nothing about the world’s needs.

They should be out there feeding the poor, helping the infirm, saving a whore or two.

We are here to gather these do nothings and direct them into the path of righteousness, through the nursing homes and for the very lethargic, the geriatric ward. There is a way for all.


For the triers?

For them it’s easy.

They wear themselves down, catch a fever and die.

The kindest path of all.


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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