You Light my fire



Fire!    Fire!

My head screams and screams

Nothing happens

No rescue team comes to my aid

Thinking quickly       Fire!      Fire!

My head screams again

Still no one comes

Something is wrong inside my head?

Storming through the processes

My actions no one notices

That to be there

And demand a presence

One has to test the very essence

Of moving lip in line with thought

Not something that was taught

But listening now,

I hear new words

Fire!       Fire! I say aloud

Teams arrive around my cloud

I’m making friends unconsciously;

Attracting me expansively

Splashing my head of fire

They can now hear and admire

New words emitting out of me

Words that come are all for free

Repeating each assiduously

Applying them awesomely

Feeling feedback flowing forth

Gaining golden gifts graciously

Some fly around and drift up high

Some drop like stones that wish to die

But in my ears I now hear sound

This fiery stimuli I have found

To be coordinated

Not just simulated

Fire!       Fire! I say aloud

Giving expression to a muse

Not really meant to confuse

But given out as how I feel;

My previous life was so unreal


Now it all comes back again

I feel the pressure in my mind

The flashing spikes I fear

Making all unclear

As the constant bind:

Tears at me,

Across me,

Into me.

Cushions cover up my skull

Hiding the pressing source

Suppressing the inner force

Hitting me sharp and dull:

Like a great bell,

Clanging hell,

Not so well.

Fire!    Fire!

Then it all goes clear

I can hear the clarity

Hear your vulgarity

A stage of no fear:

Like droplets

In a quiet pond,

Of which I’m fond

Please do not release the bond.

That brings the ringing back again.

Fire!       Fire! I say aloud




About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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