waiting and mindful testing;

was the preparation done?

long and long I listen

as the others deliver on.

my mind goes over rejects

the unsure or not included;

was there a better choice?

but now are all excluded.

I ease as my time comes,

take another little sip,

as dehydration bites me,

little worries on my lip.

the call comes strangely warmly

the anticipation goes

comes gently with the first words;

I’m now fully on my own.

I feel new!

I feel great!

new life on me, integrates

hard fit trials

keep me good.

In my mind, revolution

have new words, celebration

finding stuff I can relate,

showing now I’m here to state,

all thing new are coming soon, past cast off now; mind the broom.

About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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