Ooh Eliza

Suddenly, Eliza shot forward through a kaleidoscopic cacophony until she bounced on a woopie cushion. The farting sound enveloped all around for minutes as she landed on a helter-skelter that went round and up, shooting her into a cloud.

The cloud of foam disintegrated before her as she descended into a pipe that slid her sideways into spongy seats. Eliza sat and laughed as the video wall in front of her instantaneously replayed the journey in 3D. Eliza almost wet herself as at the end lots of custard pies came at her out of the screen.

‘Missed me,’ said Eliza as she turned to Butt Crackerman, who put a pie right in her face.

‘Messed me,’ said Eliza as she roared with laughter.

About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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