Reality Returns

‘Where do we go from here?’ said Alexander.

‘Somewhere different. Somewhere more my style.’ said Nicola.

‘I thought you were one of us.

You fought our wars.

You made us grow.

Now to be different?’

‘Aye that’s true.



We were always different, but we always wanted to belong.

We see it all now though.

You’re togetherness was just a front.

We stuck the arrogance and the parochialism.

Now we won’t.’

‘What will become of us?

We need you to stay.’

‘You may need us, true.

You will want our output, but we need a better solution.

A solution based on our background, not yours.

We can still be partners, on equal terms.

We want our own people deciding on our issues, not punted to the rear and quickly forgotten about.’

‘I can’t argue with that. What’s in it for me?’

‘You get to keep your parliament and your missiles.

You can still use your North as workers to feed your South and you can solely direct your wrath on them.

But us, you leave.

We will not devalue ourselves anymore.’

About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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