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the warlord prepares (Burmese Yadu)

on the sand fort in his short hair he brought forward from small cord cap the lord takes a morning nap when dusk comes down in dark gown top his frown is seen he has been one to wean outcomes … Continue reading

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I feel the pressure in my mind The flashing spikes I fear Making it all unclear As the constant bind Tears at me, across me, into me Cushions cover up my skull Hiding the pressing source Suppressing the inner force … Continue reading

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Renewal 21

round and round torrents racing up and down interlacing spinning sideways vortex bound crushing thoughts suppressing sound safe and steady schemes unfold flat and smooth linearly bold taking off upon cool air making plans we might dare switching over from … Continue reading

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Come light my fire

Fire! Fire! My head screams and screams Nothing happens No rescue team is coming to my aid Thinking quickly     Fire! Fire! My head screams again Still no one comes Something is wrong inside my head? Storming through the processes My … Continue reading

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