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the coming

  onwards and upwards the birds rise, in quick sketches on the skyline, as the waxing moon leaves us within a bowl in the hills traversing the ribbons of road ahead; no distractions now, the target is coming near.  

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The note

The bugle blows the last post As a white dove lands at base Bringing the sad note from Able Grave news we didn’t want Told of the resurrection Described their detection Enemy coming very fast Knew there they wouldn’t last … Continue reading

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On Tora Bora the hidden enclave stood, Under the stairs of a thousand steps, To the passageway of the fortress. The feather light wings miles above, Caught the missed link in infra-red, Bringing the precision salvos down, Making a rainbow … Continue reading

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Through the Mist

  As we skirted the tree line and crept the hill top we looked down.  The billowing cloud felt like a sombre misty prelude to the coming dawn. Before us were some world-weary travellers camped on the side of some … Continue reading

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