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For Independence

On the darkest day they come to witness the mystery of the changing world they know cycled seasons and heavens that play on them each new year. They thank appropriate gods for letting them live once more when  plenty came … Continue reading

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Independence comes

We endeavor to persevere Against all odds, independence comes A new life in the making An optimistic outlook for our future A joy to each individual Their determination will endure We will overcome x

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Reality Returns

‘Where do we go from here?’ said Alexander. ‘Somewhere different. Somewhere more my style.’ said Nicola. ‘I thought you were one of us. You fought our wars. You made us grow. Now to be different?’ ‘Aye that’s true. Different? Why? … Continue reading

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Streaking Red

Hanging off the edge of time Holding back the scary dread Mulling over, catching words Of secrets that we still keep Moving onward to the fate As in perpetual motion Taking us there, in dire fear Through the blackness Streaks … Continue reading

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