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No cause is sought

  I’ve just returned to the grey land   where they’re dreaming of things;   ruined trenches, lashed with rain   Spilling jealousies and sorrows   where truth fails   as guilt is not challenged   Aristocrats who made it … Continue reading

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long knives

  olive oil rusts my white bone in cold winter sun like a matchbox spark on a night without moonlight northern presence shows in romantic form as crickets sing a background disharmony waiting, waiting, for the start off all in … Continue reading

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Going with the tide

  the Clwyd hills beckon on the horizon from the Dee the birdsong heralds the turning of the tide as we slip into darkness giving the Judas kiss to Cunedda to take Deva in his wake    

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Flying the Flag

Scene 1: HOTEL SUITE NARRATOR stands before audience. NARRATOR:         John le Carre said. ‘I would believe almost anything of the state of Russian intelligence at the moment, which is on the one hand closely involved with Russian crime, on the … Continue reading

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