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Without you

 You don’t come here anymore I wait inside and watch the door Sitting, writing, standing still Looking, hearing, in a haze No one comes to me today Or any day at all I think back to another day A day … Continue reading

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They’re Coming – The Monkoship Returns

“We’re back again. Their future here is over,” said Commander Gordo. The Monkoship crew saluted Gordo. They greeted him loudly. “EeeeK, oh, oh oh. EeeeK, oh, oh oh. EeeeK, oh, oh oh.” Gordo smiled. ‘It’s great to be back.’ The … Continue reading

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Compulsory Intrusion

  Today the dustcart came Reversing into the cul-de-sac Of life’s memories They arrived and emptied The bins of past actions Family items and general dirt Leaving space for a future to come Lingering long they cluttered The confusion in … Continue reading

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Going with the tide

  the Clwyd hills beckon on the horizon from the Dee the birdsong heralds the turning of the tide as we slip into darkness giving the Judas kiss to Cunedda to take Deva in his wake    

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