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Going with the tide

  the Clwyd hills beckon on the horizon from the Dee the birdsong heralds the turning of the tide as we slip into darkness giving the Judas kiss to Cunedda to take Deva in his wake    

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following the dream

watching you closely, seeing you staring into your pages of distraction; head not lifting until your stop. I wait and dream; what could be. rising together, approaching the door; a momentary glance passes between us. you smile nervously, enveloped by … Continue reading

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Through the window

This poem was Commended at the 2017 Anstruther Writing Awards   Through the window, the sky is blue, the fields white, the sun doesn’t shine.  The cold sparkles off trees, which bend towards the sea. On the path, walkers come … Continue reading

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Meeting with God

“You say you’re an atheist and you have met God!” Jamie says flabbergasted. “You can’t be serious. You don’t seem that pissed or is it you have not had enough yet?” “Listen to me,” says Lulu leaning back on the … Continue reading

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