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Holy Day

In the floodlit winter warmth, the office party night were set to follow their tradition. The Santa Clause hats are out and the Secret Santa presents past around, denting little the Christmas credit card bill. “That’s the spirit,” they say … Continue reading

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For Independence

On the darkest day they come to witness the mystery of the changing world they know cycled seasons and heavens that play on them each new year. They thank appropriate gods for letting them live once more when  plenty came … Continue reading

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Deliverance – a Brexit Tale

In the corner of a dark place Hangs a head in dire shame Turning over a life’s worries Taking on all the mounting blame A cranial void of no solutions Black as tunnel light can be Wondering where the chances … Continue reading

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At Winter Solstice

The memory comes home again, Burning story from my youth Shining through all of me; The love and the truth. Feeling renewed; Sharing it With my Friends  ————   At Winter Solstice and dear family. Benefiting From the reflection Of Christmas … Continue reading

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