Moving Forward

round and round,

torrents racing,

up and down,


spinning sideways,

vortex bound,

crushing thoughts,

crescendo sounds.

safe and steady,

strategies unfold,

flat and smooth,

linearly bold.

taking off,

upon cool air,

sewing plans;

we might dare.

switching over,

from each state,

takes us closer

to our fate.


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Winter Solstice

On the darkest day they come,

to witness the mystery

of the changing world they know;

cycled seasons and heavens

that play on them each new year.

They thank appropriate gods

for letting them live once more,

when  plenty came and ask for

deliverance again through

the tougher cold months ahead.

All look to the sun rising

higher, brighter and longer

and the seasons turning green;

when they gather together,

in warmth, rejoicing; knowing.


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through my window, I hear the wind blow.

it opens to streets of swift feet;

I again go nowhere.

I see the cars progress at haste,

passing prams pushed; progressing

up the path of life.

fix my gaze on old Mary

who shuffles by thinking;

John not here now.

I shift my weary eyes,

look in the mirror

and see lines.

not so long to go,

now is ever;

I slow,

feeling the cold

coming to



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Care in the Community

the life was simple and safe

never a care or harsh word

then came the day of the change

you’ll be fine they said, smiling

see nothing’ll hold you back now

nothing did, couldn’t help it

no one said about traffic lights

so when he went to cross

at red the lorry hit him

killed him stone dead

and they said

should’ve taken care in the


not quite right you see

not like you and me


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