Cry Freedom

There is a cry, a voice to be heard

Calling for freedom, calling it loud

So loud that the island shakes

Seeing the need freedom of too

Freedom from the oppressors

Those who keep us all down

Freedom for the future

Just to be ourselves

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I reviewed the data again today

The relevation had not gone away

Although the detail was still there

I counted it all again

But the message is quite clear

You must vote SNP

You must do it twice

Then everything will be nice


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Apart is meant

I now see you

You beat me and you have your way

Not just now, but for decades, it has been so

I take it, and I take it

Like I have no choice

Time will come when

We will be apart

Then I can have a voice

One that is soft but clear

I no longer want the hostility

I do want the civility

To go my own way

And do what others do

My tattered clothes can be replaced

Now, I stand in them, on my own

They see the real me

See that I am worthy

An example to all, I will be

But, you, remember where we are

And what you are doing to me

When later you will want my hand

Which, because of this

May not be taken

I will promise though

That if you relent your fury now

I may stand with you

Accepted as an equal

Free nation

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Road to nowhere

They walked slowly away along the road

Faded clothes stared at the floor

A bond of togetherness

Brought them tightly together

As they paused to eat nothing

In the soft air of drought

The wind of change was wanted

Grey is the sky they sought

Too late for many


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