Together Apart


Slowly entering

rooms full of people

sat with sad faces

looking back at me

saying to themselves

what is he here for?

Understanding it

Kind words softly heard

from white coats smiling

wash over worry

cleaning it away

facts like gems are hard

Accepting it all

Again the faces look back

They nod the short wait

we have together now

looking forward to

a few more

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On Tora Bora, the hidden enclave stood

Under the stairs of a thousand steps

To the passageway of the fortress

The feather light wings miles above

Caught the missed link in infra-red

Bringing the precision salvos down

Making a rainbow fountain in the hills

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Triggering Past

Even on a good day

Suddenly the trigger pulls

Angry buried memories erupt

And fill my head with poison

Vivid stabbing flashbacks blind my senses

The time block hidden baggage drives hard

Horrific impulses release and carve

Relentlessly into the unexpected present

Excreting smells of hate

Visions of darkness

Sounds of fear

Mind battles rage

Alone I fight the rampaging demons

Across the bloody fields of thought

All at once they go defeated

I live again for now

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the warlord prepares (Burmese Yadu)

on the sand fort

in his short hair

he brought forward

from small cord cap

the lord takes a morning nap

when dusk comes down

in dark gown top

his frown is seen

he has been one

to wean outcomes from the sun

for in morning

a stirring view

bringing battle

death’s rattle comes

prattling as fear now runs


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