Life renewed

I’m spinning round the water wheel

My present focus in the fading light

As I see through walls to touch a rainbow

In the confusion, I hold on fast

I can’t let go, but then I must

In a bump my head rewinds

I meditate and the views clear up

They is not as fractious as I made them

Life renewed is fine and slow

Never go back on the mill

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who ran the plan

when it all falls apart

how we kill our memories

when fighting for no reason

somewhere with someone else

somewhat silent revolution

in a room without a view

with an ending never seen

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A touch of magic

Magic of the place had me in its spell

In the lonely corners I hid

I was clinging like a dark shadow

To the unsettling disarray

Exploring the lasting changes

That were left behind

To draw me in

To seduce me

To show me the way


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another day

the demolition crew

is pounding my head

dark clouds gather

all over my brain

tumbling thoughts

fall in the hole

till silver moonlight shines

along the urban motorway        

gathering the language

of forbearance and love

leading me home

clearing my mind


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