where are you now in lists of old

in places gone and often told

all around of little change

the Tower Burn runs on and on

now through the park that

changed the world in Pittsburgh

back now in peoples’ hands

the giant left it just the same

to be seen in Palace view

a place forever

old and new


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The Signalman

The trains they’ve come and gone.

They travel here and there, no more.

The journey’s end has quickly come

from scenes that slowly went before.

The stations passed of births and deaths

and of other times remembered,

seem distant now, but are as real

to us all around assembled.

His lines and points were straight and true,

showing others where to follow.

Today we stop and think of him,

to then journey on tomorrow.

As while we wait and ponder on

the source of our direction,

the signalman, gives us his way,

our joyful recollection.


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  saw it there in the fading light;

   shadow in approaching night.

   wondered what it was about

    too fearful then to cry out,

     move from my position,

      know the apparition,

       to follow the fear,

        till it became clear

         and against mind

          distortion find

           simple clues,

            normal views

             that may

              in day




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Apart is meant

I now see you

You beat me and you have your way

Not just now, but for decades, it has been so

I take it, and I take it

Like I have no choice

Time will come when

We will be apart

Then I can have a voice

One that is soft but clear

I no longer want the hostility

I do want the civility

To go my own way

And do what others do

My tattered clothes can be replaced

Now, I stand in them, on my own

They see the real me

See that I am worthy

An example to all, I will be

But, you, remember where we are

And what you are doing to me

When later you will want my hand

Which, because of this

May not be taken

I will promise though

That if you relent your fury now

I may stand with you

Accepted as an equal

Free nation


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