I have had a poem accepted by Hampden and is currently on view – it is STAND FREE number 15 on the list

Aberdeen -European Cup Winners Cup 1983

Stand Free

Here, being red is unique

in crowds of blue and green

Often discarded or hidden away

but sometimes magnificent

when it really matters

I can taste it now

between crusty steak

bratwurst mitt pretzels

with lashings of durken

and oodles of pride

My senses fill at the thought of you

on cold winters nights

Sweaty class oozes over fields

as we’re red, your dead; we’re dancing on your head

we’re Aberdeen; where it counts

to have two silver stars over your badge

Being red is what I live by

and I will feel the rush of it

wherever I go; see the seagulls swooping

smell the ozone new and hear

the loons who never give up hope

standing free wherever they may be

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magic ring

they travel to distant lands

wishing and dreaming

all the way

following the magic ring

projecting cloud pictures

leading them on

to where the ice crystals bite

to where they believe

majesty abounds

and peace is delivered

with a smile

they had no nought of the hardship

the sullen faces of fear

waiting down the steps

where little can be done

to change the present

the upset of their life

they will find no joy

in the limits of this reality

they will come and suffer

with the poor

with the hungry

with the forgotten

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The coming

Trees and stars fill our minds

Seeing the portents

Changing fortunes of time

We see the noise

Worry at the haste

To descend the dark imaginings

That bring confusion to our life

But ahead is our goal

No one will make us shake

We will never fear them

So face them without surrender

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Springtime thoughts

It is raining again

Showers will come

Gales will batter our shore

The storms will press

Till we don’t want any more

Past the snow the cold will numb

the arthritis in our hands

The cataracts will be lifted

In the coming Spring

We will see our future

As the May begins

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