following the dream

watching you closely,

seeing you staring

into your pages

of distraction;

head not lifting

until your stop.

I wait and dream;

what could be.

rising together,

approaching the door;

a momentary glance

passes between us.

you smile nervously,

enveloped by the crowd,

as you adjust your bag;

sending us all to oblivion.


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At Winter Solstice

The memory comes home again,

Burning story from my youth

Shining through all of me;

The love and the truth.

Feeling renewed;

Sharing it

With my

Friends  ————   At Winter Solstice

and dear



From the reflection

Of Christmas renewed;

Burning story from my youth,

The memory comes home again.

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Christmas for Three

On her way from the children’s home, Nina sat silently in the car. Everything was new and all felt good. The lady, Jean, was kind and did not react to the swearing like others did. The man, John, had a nice face. She liked that.

The house was small, but very clean and tidy. In the corner of the big room was a Christmas tree. Beneath it were lots of presents.

“Who the fuck are all these for?” said Nina.

Jean smiled and said, “They’re all for you if you promise me one thing?”

“What?” said little Nina.

“You can have them if you stop swearing,” said Jean.

“You sure?” said Nina looking from Jean to John and back again.

“Absolutely,” said Jean.

“What?” said Nina.

“Yes, but only if you stop,” said Jean.

“I will,” said Nina and then rushed to unwrap the presents.

When she was finished she sat on Jean’s lap and cuddled her. John looked on as Nina turned and noticed him looking. She dropped to the floor and went over to him, giving him a hug.

“Mr Evans,” said Nina. “Do I have to go back now?”

“No, you now stay here, with the two of us,” said John smiling.

She left him and went to her toys.

‘Fuckin’ great,’ she thought.


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Vision of You 


Mmmm, Mmmm

I see you there,

In my head;

thin and short,

looking half dead.

Moving on

from here to there,

never stopping:

taking care;

making sure of the right move;

so there’s none they can prove.

But I see you in my mind,

I will take them there to find

you in your dark dirty place,

because now,

I see your face.


Hah, hah.


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