Deliverance – a Brexit Tale

In the corner of a dark place

Hangs a head in dire shame

Turning over a life’s worries

Taking on all the mounting blame

A cranial void of no solutions

Black as tunnel light can be

Wondering where the chances went

Expected them to be for free

Starting on hearing known voices

Coming far from pointed light

Shaking out from the deep despair

Given hope of final respite

Unhinged doors burst in on him

A figure stands within the frame

Smiles exchanged, bursting wildly

A bullet lodges in his brain


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At Winter Solstice

The memory comes home again,

Burning story from my youth

Shining through all of me;

The love and the truth.

Feeling renewed;

Sharing it

With my

Friends  ————   At Winter Solstice

and dear



From the reflection

Of Christmas renewed;

Burning story from my youth,

The memory comes home again.

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Independence comes

We endeavor to persevere

Against all odds, independence comes

A new life in the making

An optimistic outlook for our future

A joy to each individual

Their determination will endure

We will overcome


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Tough call

Frost clings to my webbing

Wrapped beneath my mountain boots

I’m glowing in the tough environment

Surrounded by intense conversation

We lunge forward into muddy pavements

Looking all down

Speering the likely

Rushing as they turn

The chocolate release floods out

To capture our targets

The job is done

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