Lee Van Cleef

Stagecoach sets the stage

Going to the Kingdom of Fife

I sit right behind the driver

Facing a Perspex panel;

Reflecting like a mirror

I see myself and another

Two seats behind, he is there

I look again and it’s him

I keep looking and looking

At the head of Lee Van Cleef

A perfect moustache,

high cheek bones

a clear bald head with sides

I just can’t believe it

It’s Lee Van Cleef sitting there

Hard and rigid looking through

dark eyes that sees it coming

Ready for what must yet be

Braced to deal with any fray

He sits there motionless,

riding the ride looking for Fife

getting over across the bridge

Serious still he looks ahead

Doesn’t matter what’s been said

Seeing too many Spaghetti’s today

At Ferry Toll the next is waiting

With a poncho and a bag

Boards this bus to Kelty

Sits up beside Lee Van Cleef

This man he has No Name


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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