Through My Window; Blankly

Through my window, the sky is blue,

the fields are white, the sun doesn’t shine.

The cold sparkles off trees, which bend

towards the sea. On the stone path,

walkers come and go, with children

sliding and tumbling in the snow.

There, another season flashes by

in humourless silence.

Sarah arrives and says to me,

Cheer up, not the end of the world.

I hear this constantly circling

my mind; it goes blank, wishing it was.

Remembering, being active,

taking interest, having fun,

is all I have to keep me going;

moments between darkness’s.

Sarah is good to me, patient,

accepting, caring, listening.

Through my window, thoughts search

for her and hope Spring will arrive,

soon, with light and a door

to a new freedom; just out of reach.

Then maybe summer can bring…

Autumn too; a golden relief.

About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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