Apart is meant

I now see you

You beat me and you have your way

Not just now, but for decades, it has been so

I take it, and I take it

Like I have no choice

Time will come when

We will be apart

Then I can have a voice

One that is soft but clear

I no longer want the hostility

I do want the civility

To go my own way

And do what others do

My tattered clothes can be replaced

Now, I stand in them, on my own

They see the real me

See that I am worthy

An example to all, I will be

But, you, remember where we are

And what you are doing to me

When later you will want my hand

Which, because of this

May not be taken

I will promise though

That if you relent your fury now

I may stand with you

Accepted as an equal

Free nation


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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