JAMIE:           I’m pechin

Out of breath

Can you see them coming after me?

I am movin’ on

Pech, pech, pech

Aye pechin

Need to keep movin’ on

One dark night                                     Text in italics is to the tune:

I slipped the iron chain                       ‘Nellie the Elephant’

And off I ran to the Grampians

to never be seen again

Off I went for a mountain tramp

Tramp, tramp, tramp

Here’s the bridge

People are coming from the loch

Do you see them?

Why am I here?

I’ve been training since I was a boy

On long train journeys I observed

the surroundings and the people

This was a product of scouting

which I was very keen on

Learning Kim’s Game and the like

On trains, I look to discover who folk are

What’s their profession, how do they act?

I keep it all in my head and keep looking

One day I saw something that happened

I saw an attack outside of the bus

I quickly mentioned it, but no one believed me

The bus carried on in its ignorance

I learned that the truth is not always trusted

Later, I had issues with a friend

Who I trusted without question

Only to find the friend did not tell the truth

It built a protective cell, a cocoon

To observe, to analyse, to tell the truth

I don’t see them yet, but they’ll come

They may find my cocoon

Before I fly from it?

I love a challenge

Hunted got me that, I am the prey

They are after my blood

I can do this ‘cause I have the background

The patience, the planning

Now I will focus on the end

Do you see them coming?

I need to get going

Up onto the Lairig Ghru

I hope that stops them

I like it, let’s go among the deer

The head of the herd is calling

Far, far, away

We may meet one night in the silver light

On the road to Ben Mac dui

Off we go with a tramp, tramp, tramp


I see them coming up the hill

Still a long way off

Will they find me at Macdui?

No, I’ll not be there

Will they go by way of the Dee?

Towards Braemar?

Or do they know of Glen Tilt?

I doubt it


I watch them passing by


No more tricks for me to perform

So I take a bow towards the crowd

And say goodbye for now


Now, the cocoon is open

I’m ready to fly


About Lindsay Craik

Writer & Poet Poetry, plays and short stories
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