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as Valhalla comes

it was a long days stretch in strands of sunlight we see him laid to rest holding paper fragments the people gather going in circles as if at Kaaba torches are lit and waved tossed onto the pyre sati voices … Continue reading

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Decline for the many

The battle set on rapidly fading lines Moves with your pen, dropping ink Like a stone on waters around you Turning the wise into dullards The rich into poppers Freedom into national penury The times are changing Medieval life returns

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Tomorrow never comes

Its yesterday’s tomorrow As today comes round again We’ve time on our hands in the sun Preparing for when they come at night Falling from the clouds above Bursting from the ground up Filling all around Forcing all their might … Continue reading

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  Tracking the break up Heart beating with a heavy hammer Bounding in the dawn light Flooding across the empty room Hoping against false hope To see the end and touch the moon

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